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TMG Here to Stay, Fear Not!

There seems to be some confusion regarding the resignation of the previous Community Lead of The Merchants' Guild (TMG for short), however I want to assure everyone that the individual previously responsible is not and cannot take the site with them. That individual was one partner out of many in the business to which TMG belongs, and we have other administrators who will be stepping in to fill the void left by that person. TMG as a site and as a business unit will NOT be going anywhere, you can rest assured of that!

We would like to note that the resignation came as a mild shock to us, however we also feel that the prior "Guildmaster" was not taking nearly as much action as possible to lead this community and grow it out and bring it up. Multiple times the business had offered them funds towards advertising and events and we were met with no communication. We did spend significant time canvasing renfaires along the west coast last year, and we will be ramping up and canvasing more this coming renfaire season.

Sadly, few in our existing organization of partners are avid renfaire-goers or LARPers, so we're now looking for a new Community Lead who is well-established in those communities and would like to lead TMG's future PR and marketing strategies, in addition to working with buyers and sellers on the site to ensure their questions, comments, feature requests and difficulties are dealt with and reported back to the central company. If you think you would be a good candidate in that role and would like to help take TMG to the next level, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page to let us know!

Thanks again for your support and for visiting The Merchants' Guild.

P.S. If you had previously contacted TMG using the Gmail account, please update your records to reflect our new and permanent address: guild@pandimmar.com or alternatively guildmaster@merchants-guild.com (both addresses go to the Community Lead for TMG). Thanks!


Any idea when the forum will be working? I'd like to utilize Merchant's Guild for some garb purchases, however what has been up has been way too big for me and I'd like to be able to make a posting at the auction site about that.

No Sales yet

But I have several auctions running for custom made garb, under the user name AFaireAttire. DH is unemployed, so if you'd like to give some garb as a holiday gift, or need something new for 12th Night, I'm ready and willing to make the garb of your dreams! If you don't see an auction for what you want, email me and I will create one just for you!

Great Medieval Auctions


If you haven't been yet, go check it out!  So far the site has been a success.  We have almost 30 auctions up so far, and man are they GORGEOUS!  Chainmail belts, wooden bowls, dresses and shirts galore!  And some excellent prices too! 

We've already had at least one confirmed sale, and I know a few others closed with bids...  We're trying to get more sellers to the site, so if you've got some gear you're not using, or if you're the crafting type, try posting an auction.  You don't even have to have a finished item to sell: you can post auctions for commission work if you're looking for something to do!

We're trying to get the site going big, so tell everyone you know.  The more people know, the more auctions will go up, and the more bids will be placed, and the more chances there will be to make some money or find awesome stuff you just can't get anywhere else! 



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